*white dude voice* Let’s take a look at the dictionary definition, shall we?

I do need a special tag :C And are you sure Alayna? Are you sure you weren’t lied to and it’s actually iced coffee?

I’m quite sure! …Unless I lied to myself.

Oh no. Was the coffee hot or cold????

Oh guess what! It’s only going to be 99 degrees today.

You know what’s sad?

This actually feels like a Godsend compared to 106 @_@


I’m so glad that pornblogs actually care about videogame characters sharing VAs this is an important discovery

Reading the stuff about Zoe Quinn actually makes me a bit scared to continue pursuing the idea of being a concept artist for indie games (I don’t wanna necessarily work for the “big boys” at this time, but I’m not opposed to it, of course.)

I mean, yeah, I’m grace/greyro, so I don’t have to worry about a crazy ex but it’s still scary. And all of this happened over a woman’s crazy ex boyfriend posting shit about her. Regardless of how lewd it may have been, it was in the past, and he had no right to share that information.

Good God I’m terrified.

But is it iced coffee or hot coffee??

Hot coffee! I don’t have time to make iced coffee nowadays ;^;


don’t u know it!

the only coffee we have left in this house is the super-strong stuff

uh oh


story about a dude that rejected by a hot girl and the movie shows him trying to win her over and at the end it turns out the hot girl is a lesbian and she had a crush on this chubby girl the dude totally rudely rejected earlier and the two super cute girls smooch and the dude cries and no one gives a shit


Shout out to this incredible color resource site! They give you anything and everything you could ever want to know about a color from color schemes to RGB percentage makeup. There’s even a color blindness simulator for help with using visible/accessible colors for all viewers.

So keep this site in mind if you’re a graphic designer, interior designer, artist, color enthusiast, or whatever! It’s quite awesome.